Friday, May 25, 2012

It's Just Semantics

I have blogged about the war of female versus woman and my views on it. It got me to thinking about other titles I don't like. It's not a whole lot. But the ones I dislike, I really dislike. They tend to rub me the complete wrong way. It's more annoying than anything. And, I've also noticed that it depends heavily on who is saying the word/name to me. My reaction is based more on that than anything. I know that may seem wrong but I've very moved by my opinions of people, places, and things. Now, let's discuss what I don't like.

It irks me when men call women their queen or their rib. I have no problem with being called his woman or his lady or even his girl. See how they all start with "his?" That's the most important thing. I am a woman. I am a lady. Sometimes I can still be a girl. I know that woman was made from man's rib. I know the whole story. But, ever since that scene in "Baby Boy" with Jody proclaiming that Yvette was his rib, I've been bothered. In the movie, Jody spent 95% of it cheating on his "rib." Ugh. It's disgusting. I do not want to be referred to in that way. It has a dirty connotation to me now.

Am I a Queen? You're damn right I am. I don't need a reminder of that. I know who I am and my worth. I have no self esteem issues over here. I'm most affected when he says my name. Oh and baby of course. Some things just seem corny. This is one of them. So, please refrain from calling me queen or rib or even something more derogatory. If you feel the need to, just call me by my name por favor. It would be most appreciated by management. I can be many things, a plethora of nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. But, it's not many I will answer to. One would be wise to remember that when addressing me.

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