Monday, May 28, 2012

Vibe's 20 Questions

Remember when Vibe magazine was the shit? I do. It was my fave until it fell off. One of my favorite aspects of the magazine was the "20 Questions." The questions were always on point. And mostly hilarious. So, that's where I'm aiming to go today. Come with me.

01. When in the hell did R&B music morph into this Euro-techno dance trash? I want my 90's R&B back por favor!
02. Aren't we all over discussing why Black men aren't dating Black women?
03. Furthermore, isn't the virtual assault on Black women old, tired and boring?
04. Seriously, what else does President Obama have to do to get his respect?
05. And, why the hell would Newsweek print a cover declaring President Obama as the "First Gay President?" Really white people? GTFOHWTBS!!
06. Isn't it sorta corny when a man refers to a woman as his queen or his rib? Especially when he isn't the least bit faithful?
07. Aren't 3 day weekends wonderful?
08. Are you guys really taking Mitt Romney seriously? Really?
09. Why are people even interested in this obviously faux relationship between Kanye and that chick?
10. Why do people hate on Beyonce' so hard and so much? I don't get the utter obsession with downing her every move.
11. Don't we all want Cassie to give up her "singing" career and stick to modeling?
12. Who decided that celebrities no longer have to be talented? And why did we let them get away with this?
13. Aren't the made up middle names on Facebook annoying as hell?
14. Why do people believe that gay marriages will somehow effect the sanctity of marriage? Don't they know that the divorce rate of first marriages disrupt the sanctity of marriage?
15. When did trashy reality shows take over tv?
16. And furthermore, when will it end?
17. Isn't it great that the Lakers have been knocked out of the playoffs?
18. Why does the week pass so slow and the weekend so fast? Who designed it this way?
19. Why was this so fun to come up with? :-)
20. When will VH1 cancel the disgrace that is "Basketball Wives?"

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