Saturday, May 12, 2012

Did He Really Just Say That?

“One of the primary reasons…is because women are taking over…They’re in high, so-called powerful positions, they’re running companies, they’re making decisions, and not all, not all, not all….[I'm getting] a funny face now…There are some, a few logical women who can make sound decision[s], but most cannot. And the unfortunate thing is they’re in powerful positions…The one thing I know for sure without a doubt [is that] women cannot handle power…It’s not real power anyway. Power that the world give you is not power. It’s all ego-building.” - Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson.

Sir, really? The above quote came from a Black man. Yes, it did. And, yes he said that. And, honestly, no I cannot believe he said it. I came across a link on Twitter to this site and I was floored. IS it not 2012? Has he as well as the Republicans forgotten that? I am so completely stupefied that someone could say something so utterly ignorant in this day and age.

If you need more, please feel free to watch the video above. It is as much of a hate speech as anything else I've ever heard. Its hard for me to believe that a Black man could say this. I guess he forgot that it wasn't that long ago that he wasn't allowed a vote wither. Hell, he wasn't even counted as a whole person. Why would you want to disenfranchise a group of people when you yourself has been disenfranchised? I do not get that. That kind of backwards hatred really makes no sense. I know how hard people fought for civil rights and women's rights. I am thankful for both of those plights. Without them, I wouldn't be allowed to have a voice. Where would I be if I couldn't voice my opinions and feelings? I deserve to be heard. Thankfully its 2012 and I have that right. I also fully exercise that right.

I cannot believe that the women in this congregation sat and listened to this crap. There was no uproar or outcry of the ridiculousness of this. "Women cannot handle power." Really sir? How the hell did you come to this conclusion? This man said that God gave man the power. But, correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't Eve taken from Adam's rib? Wouldn't that mean that she has power as well? Women cannot handle power says who? Women birth and raise men. Sometimes alone. Women, especially Black women, have been the backbone of this country for years and years. I am disgusted by this so called Reverend. How are you a man of the cloth and you are degrading women and disgusing it as the word. It isn't. I am embarrassed by this Black man and his entire platform. I cannot even write about it anymore.

This is the world we live in. Everyone is allowed to have their opinions, no matter how simple or small minded they are. Women are people too. We deserve the right to say, vote, do, whatever we please with our minds, mouths and bodies. They belong to us. I am sick of men trying to dictate what and how a woman should act, be do or behave. I had a Father. I don't need another one in the form of some misguided, misogynistic reverend behind the pulpit. Thanks but no thanks. I'd vote no on that referendum, Rev. Peterson. I would like for him and men like him to all take a seat and shut up already. If you do not have something intelligent to add to the dialogue, do us all a favor and zip it. We don't care to know anymore. Maybe if there were more women in power positions things would be a whole lot different, better.This educated, voting, sexual woman will continue to do all of the above and then some. And, you sir, will deal!!

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