Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Do You Know Marisa Alexander? You Should.

This photo says it all. The United States justice system is all screwed up. It needs a major overhaul. 31 year old Marisa Alexander is facing a mandatory 20 year sentence. Did she kill anyone? No. Did she attempt to kill someone? No. She is the abused wife of a man who has not been charged with anything. Marisa, in fear of her life, fired a warning shot into the ceiling of her home to stop her husband from beating her. Her husband claimed he was going to kill her. A warning shot that did not hit anyone mind you. And, now Marisa is looking at a 20 year sentence in Florida. What is wrong with this picture?

It seems as though white is the only right color in the state of Florida. This is the same state that did not find Casey Anthony guilty, even though her daughter is dead and she was the last one with her. This is the same state that took 44 days to arrest Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin. Oh and this is also the same state that stole the 2000 election for the brother of Governor Jeb Bush. But, again, I digress. Seriously, what is your problem, Florida? When is it ever ok for the abused to be charged when she didn't do anything?

Marisa's case has been deemed not worthy of the ridiculous "Stand Your Ground" law. Her requests for a retrial have been denied. It seems as though her race has been a factor. I cannot wrap my mind around this case. How is she in jail? Why is she the one facing these years? What about her abuser? Why is he walking free? This is a serious miscarriage of justice. As a woman who loves politics and the law, this case pisses me off. Especially in light of other current Florida cases. This is why people have no faith in the courts or the cops. Why should they? We see too many cases that end wrong. This is just wrong. Marissa Alexander’s sentencing is scheduled for May 11. My prayers a re definitely with her. In closing, I will leave you with a paragraph from another blog. I read the following and it made so much sense.

"The blog Wonkette reacted to Judge Daniel’s ruling by saying, “In Florida, as it turns out, being in ‘genuine fear of your life’ means that you’re white and your attacker is black, so clearly that was her first mistake. Also, if you really want to Stand Your Ground you have to call the police only to ignore their instructions anyway, so there’s that. And crucially, it doesn’t say anywhere if her husband was wearing a hoodie when he was threatening to beat her up, which we hear is a relevant aspect of whether or not black men are actually scary.”

As of Friday, May 11th, Marisa was sentenced to 20 years in jail for protecting herself. Where is the justice in this? Smh.

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