Sunday, May 06, 2012

Confession: I'm a Closet Fan of...

Rihanna. Yes, it's true. I like her. But, this has more to do with her online personality, fly ass fashion sense and overall don't give a f attitude. I can honestly say that some of her music is catchy. The beats are always on point. As are the lyrics. Her vocals still leave much to be desired. As do her less than stellar dance moves. Besides all of that, she has somehow managed to turn herself into a rockstar. She is always on the blogs, in the magazines and the topic of conversation.

She has am amazing body. She knows what works for her fashion wise. She can rock almost any hair color. She's been black, brown, red and blond. The black has always been her best look. I really became a fan after following her on Twitter. She seems to just not care. She is young, rich and famous. And she is enjoying the hell out of it. I think that's what o like the most about her. She just seems like a fun girl. So, this is my Sunday confession. I'm a closeted Rihanna fan. Sue me.

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