Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's These FIVE Things...

I love questionnaires and quizzes. I absolutely love when they are particularly unusual. Those are the most interesting to me. When I saw this one, I had to do it and share. I really enjoyed it. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy reading my five things!

1. 5 basic facts about you - I love my family, I live for music, I like fish, I read exceptionally fast & I need more sleep.

2. 5 not-so-basic facts about you - I don't often sleep very well, I need to express myself more, I think too much which makes it hard to sleep at night, my imagination is over active & I still hate the Thriller video.

3. 5 ways you break the ice - Introduce myself, tell a joke, talk about music, ask about the other person, & smile.

4. 5 signs that you’re into someone - I laugh a lot, flirt with him, smile when I think of him, light up when he calls, & cannot wait to hear his voice.

5. 5 signs that you’re NOT into someone - Arms folded, don't flirt, fake smiles, short conversations & I just don't pay attention.

6. 5 things you do when you’re bored - Read, sleep, listen to music, surf the web, watch SATC or The Wire.

7. 5 things that make you hyper - Great conversations, wonderful music, amazing poetry, laughing kids, & HIM.

8. 5 things you’re known for - My wit, my intelligence, being a great listener, giving good advice & (as per my nephews/nieces) great hugs!

9. 5 things you want to do - Travel, write more, learn another language, get married & become a Mom.

10. 5 things you’ll never do - Bungee jump, drink tequila again, get an abortion, vote Republican, & eat sushi.

11. 5 good things about you - (As per my cousin) I'm extremely smart, a great listener, a wonderful writer, I have a pretty smile and the best pair of chi-chi'cs in America (lol).

12. 5 bad things about you - I worry a lot, I hate to cry especially in front of people, I am very hard on myself, I have high expectations of people, & I can be bossy.

13. 5 ways to make you cry - Talk about my Dad, attack me personally, those stupid Sarah Maclahan ASPCA commercials, sappy movies & beautiful words.

14. 5 ways to win your heart - Be funny, be intelligent, love your family, love music & be socially aware!

15. 5 things you need to say - "Baby, I love you," "Get your tubes tied, Idiot," "I don't care," "I can't wait to kiss you," & "I wish you would get some help.


  1. Anonymous27 May, 2012

    Where is this quiz? I wanna take it! I lol at some of your answers, one hit me hard though :-/ (don't know why its still such an issue for me). You are so amazing and I need you to always remember that!

    1. It wasn't a quiz, just a questionnaire on tumblr. Thanks for the kind words. They were needed and appreciated. Love ya, Cousin