Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Get Into It: SPIKE's "Repo Games"

I absolutely love when I find little gems on tv. This is exactly what happened when I discovered Spike Tv's "Repo Games." The premise of this show is simple. A crew shows up to repossess a car but the owner had a chance to not only win the car back but also have the car paid off. There are 5 questions and they only have to get 3 correct. Seems simple right? Not so much with the people on this show. The questions are varied but general. They are things that people should know. What I've learned is what people should know isn't always what they do know. This show is hilarious to me.

What really makes me laugh is how indignant folks get when they find out that their car is being repossessed. Like sir/ma'am, you do know that you haven't paid your car note right? So, why are you shocked and appalled that the Repo man is here? Their reactions are wide ranging. But, they are almost always highly upset. This may be cruel but I always rally that the most indignant, rude owners lose their car. Only because they are so ridiculous to me. I have no idea how long this show has been around. I'm just happy that I've found it. It shows on Tuesdays @ 10:30pm. I suggest that everyone check it out. The laughs are guaranteed. I love it. Love.

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