Monday, May 21, 2012

New Music Releases: SWV, Mylah, & Meek Mill

More music has been invading my ears in the last few weeks. Thankfully, all of it has been really good. That is always a great thing. I wanted to talk about three specific projects that I am currently enjoying. If you haven't heard any of them, hopefully this will make you want to give them a listen. Here we go!

I am a SWV fan. I've waited for their return. I can say that I wasn't that moved by their return single "Co-Sign." The lyrics appeared very immature for the ladies. But, fret not, the rest of the cd "I Missed Us," is awesome. I literally love every song except one. It's just full of feel good old school (Circa the 90's) R&B music. That is all that I wanted from one of my favorite groups. The ladies did not disappoint at all. I loved the fact that they redid Patti LaBelle's "If Only You Knew." I loved it then and now. My favorite song changes often but I really love "Show Off," "Everything I Love," "I Missed Us," and "The Best Years." I hope that SWV goes on tour because I've never seen them in concert. I would be in there.

I am a new fan of Meek Mill. I say this after finally listening to his new mixtape "Dreamchasers 2." Yes, I liked him on "I'm A Boss," but I didn't think there was any real substance there. I was wrong. It's not too often that I am moved by today's Hip-Hop. Seriously, 90% of it leaves much to be desired. But, when something is good, its really good to me. I have been playing it nonstop since it dropped. I really dig the whole thing. There are certain songs that get more play than others. They include "Amen" which features Drake. "House Party 2," which features Fab, "Burn," which features Big Sean, and "Use To Be." I just really enjoy his flow and his voice. He doesn't sound like anyone else which is refreshing. If you're a Hip-Hop fan, this project deserves a listen. Trust me.

And, finally, there is the Mylah mixtape. I love Mylah's voice. Have since I stumbled across her remix of Kanye's "Say You Will" a few years back. Her new mixtape, "The Makings of Mylah," is just a peek into what kind of artist she is and will become. I love the tone of her voice. My favorite track has to be "Currency." It's about a man spending money but never having time. It's a story that every girl can relate too. She also shot a video for it which I think is awesome. She is someone to watch I believe. Go ahead and get into her.

Yes, these are three totally different projects. I love them all for totally different reasons. But, the thing they have in common is the fact that all are great projects. I listen to them interchangeably. Good music cannot be denied. I think that this music falls into that category. So, now that I've shared it with you, you can listen and share it with others. Enjoy. Please don't stop the music :-)

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