Thursday, May 03, 2012

Hyper-emotional Week

What is it about women's hormones that makes us extra emotional once a month? I hate this part about being a woman. I hate that my body and my usually sensible emotions betray me every 28 days. It's like the tiniest things set me off. So far this week, I've cried every day. Over things that normally wouldn't get me all amped up. It's almost as if I'm a different person right before my cycle shows up.

Why is this our lives, women? How unfair is it? In general, I am a strong, brassy woman. I have a pretty good poker face. I've learned how to hold my emotions in. I only allow some to see me that way. But, for the last 3 days, I've been this other side of me. This soft and pink and weepy side of me. I do not like. I literally cried over the picture of a baby. Yes, I did. I'm not proud of this. But, clearly I cannot help it. I would love it if I could though.

I find myself a bit irrational. So I try no to project that on to others. It's all my pms related emotions. They are all over the place. So its hard to deal sometimes. I'd rather just get in bed and bury my head under the comforter. I know that it is just the way life is. I blame those weaklings Adam and Eve for this. It'll all be over soon so there's that. I know it could be worse. It actually has been worse before. Tomorrow's another day for me to fight the good fight.

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