Thursday, October 06, 2011

Social Networks = Cheaters Paradise??

Social networks are supposed to be all fun and light. Somehow people missed that message. There are people who are letting Facebook and Twitter ruin their lives and relationships. Seriously? How dumb is that? A cheater is going to cheat. This is a fact. Social networks may have opened up a new avenue for them to explore. But you have to know that this was already in that person. I like social networks. I like interacting with and meeting new people.

There is nothing I've said on any social network that I wouldn't say in real life. Also I'm not ashamed of anything I've facebooked or tweeted. I have no problem with my significant other seeing any of it. I'm unapologetically me all the time. I'm a flirt. This is a known fact. But, when I'm in a relationship, I know when to pull back. I know what is appropriate and what isn't. There has to be a level of respect for oneself and their significant others. That is the most basic rule. If that is lacking, there will be nothing good that can happen. That goes for social networks as well as in real life.

My Facebook postings and/or tweets will not be a factor in my relationship. Neither will his. I respect him way too much for that. I think that the people who let social networks come in between their relationships were already on their way out of them. Facebook was just an easy out. If you're dating someone who has cheated on you before then you already know what you're gonna get. If you stay, aren't you getting what you asked for? I do not condone cheating (physical or emotional).

But, I also feel like cheating on your s/o with someone off of a social network is beyond low. Its despicable in my book. And the fallout is always horrible. To see a couple breakup via Facebook is awful because, they will spill all the beans. Now all of your friends know all of your business. That is never a good look. In the last year, I have seen this scene play out one too many times. I'm actually ashamed that I know these adults involved. People need to do better.

Social networks are a great way to reconnect with old friends and make new acquaintances. They are not there for folks to hook up and cheat. You have to be a special kind of person to fall into that category. I think its sad that something so awesome has been dragged into the mud with unscrupulous cheating people. Cheaters are just bad people who will have bad karma attached to them.

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