Friday, October 14, 2011

Common Sense...Ain't So Common

This may come off as uppity or stuck up but it's my truth. I abhor stupidity and ignorance. It is clear that common sense ain't common to everyone. I know some folks who clearly stepped out of line when God was handing common sense out. IT irks me. It bothers me to no end to have even small conversations with folks who fall into this category.

Perfect example, there is someone in my extended family who fits the description to a t. This "woman" is the epitome of a bird brain. I have decided to just not to speak to her at all. I felt as if I was losing brain cells when I was engaging in conversations with her. I have never heard her say anything that evenly remotely makes sense. I get frustrated when I have to deal with simple people. You cannot even reason with a person who doesn't possess an ounce of common sense. So, I respectfully bow out. I am beyond done with her.

My tolerance for stupidity is ridiculously low. I just cannot stomach it for more than a few minutes. I try my best to eliminate those people and their conversations from my life. My main issue with it is that they refuse to learn. They aren't open to the possibility that someone knows more than them on any and everything. I love to learn. In return, I love to teach. My favorite uncle once said that "the most beneficial relationships (either romantic or strictly platonic) are the ones where each person learns something from the other." That has been my standard for people since I was about 12. It's a really simple concept. Teach me and I'll teach you. Knowledge of anything is a beautiful thing. It makes me very happy. So, anyone who impedes that avenue for me is not welcomed in my circle.

Common sense is truly not common to everybody. I sit and stare in amazement at folks sometimes. I'm not saying that I do and say everything correctly. But, I definitely put some actually thought into my words and actions. So win or lose, I am confident that my actions were the direct response of my own thought process. I wish others followed that same wavelength. This entire blog was sparked by the dumb actions of the same said family member. I just needed to vent here before reacting to her. This is my outlet for issues such as this. *sigh* I needed this. Have any of you encountered such people? Let's dish!

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