Sunday, October 16, 2011

Get Into It: ROC Nation's Own Bridget Kelly (BK)

Bridget Kelly is basically a newcomer on the music scene. The 23 year old is ready to take the music industry by storm. I first got wind of her when she was on tour with Jay-Z filling in for Alicia Keys during the "Empire State of Mind." She was so good as Alicia's stand-in that it took me most of the song to release that she wasn't her. BK has an edginess to her voice that makes it that much more interesting. She is currently signed to ROC Nation. She dropped her first buzz single "Thinking About Forever" which I wrote about here earlier this summer. The single def amped the buzz up around her. I, for one, could not wait to hear more from her.

BK is also releasing her first EP "Every Girl" today on her website. The EP consists of songs. After a first listen, I am even more of a fan. "Seek and Destroy" is a great song. It describes the way a woman feels after having her heart broken and starting a new relationship. The lyrics are very realistic. I can identify with them. I feel like BK will be around for a while. She has a great voice, she writes her own material and she has great stage presence. "Every Girl" consists of 8 tracks. Two of them are songs that I've heard before. I am in love with "Stranger To Love," it is a great ballad. I am digging the rest of the tracks as well. While her ep is a great introduction, I cannot wait to see what ROC Nation has planned for her debut release. Below are a few BK tracks and remixes. Listen and Enjoy. Go download her free EP "Every Girl" Go ahead and Get Into BK!

"Seek And Destroy"

"Fall In Love"

"Quickie Remix"


"Empire State of Mind" with Jay-Z

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