Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ladies Love Lyrics: Bridget Kelly "Stranger To Love"

It's no secret that I am a sucker for a good lyrical love song. Bridget Kelly gives me another one to add to my ever growing list. This song stayed with me because it describes the beginning of my relationship perfectly. Because I've felt these exact moments, I feel like I could have penned this tune myself. I love the music as well. I am clearly a fan of BK's. She just released this song as a part of her "Every Girl" EP yesterday. I cannot count how many times I've played this track. I love it. I think you will too. Enjoy!

"Was suffocating and then you gave me life
And now I crave for, for only you inside
Can't put my thumb on exactly how I feel
It's unfamiliar but pleasantly surreal

{Chorus}Keep putting smiles on my face
I'm constantly amazed by what you do
And I can't keep up with my heart,
it's beating me into someone brandnew
I love how you just knooooowwww
how bad I need to take this slow
like I'm a stranger to love

Restored my strength and
managed to kiss me weak
You woke up the woman
and put the girl to sleep


Every day I get down on my knees and pray,
Baby, I'm thanking God
for sending you to me
And it's only getting better, better
Never knew love could take me this far


And how you always see beautiful, beautiful in me
You could have any woman in this world
but you chose me, me, me
Showed me how to let go
But I'll never let go of you baby
Any woman in this world
but you chose me
Showed me how to let go
But I'll never let go of you baby

I was suffocating but then you gave me life...."


  1. This song was actually written by Sonyae Eliae Season 1 Platinum Hit Bridget shouldn't be given any credit for this masterpiece

  2. Well thanks for the info, Anon. But if not for BK recording and releasing it, I never would've heard it. So, she gets the credit in my book.