Monday, October 17, 2011

Casting My Vote Again For Hope

Truer words have not been written. This picture really caught my eye. It expresses my exact thoughts. I have been a President Obama supporter since the first time I saw him at the DNC 2004. His demeanor, voice and aura intrigued me.I began looking into his background. I loved the things I found out. I voted for him in 2008 because I believed in him. I will cast my vote for him again in 2012 for the same reason. I did not solely vote for him because he is a Black man. There have been other Black men who have attempted to run. They failed. There is another Black man hoping to get his party's bid for 2012 right now. He won't get my vote either. Mainly because I think Herman Cain, just like Michael Steele, is the Republicans ploy to split the minority vote.

I am voting for Mr. Obama again in 2012 because I think he is the most qualified for the job. A non-politician like Cain has no experience. This is Mr. Obama's job to finish in his second term. I was never one of the people who saw him as a savior or the Messiah. He is just a man with a plan. A plan that Republicans have tried to block at each turn. That saddest thing about that is that the Republicans are opposing him on principal alone. They haven't offered any resolutions either. So, in the end, the 99% suffer. I still believe in President Obama's mission. I will still be voting for him. What about you? Will you have his back in 2012?

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