Friday, October 28, 2011

Adventures in Cooking: Chicken Fettucini

I love Italian food. I have for as long as I can remember. Pasta is something I can eat and feel full all day long. It's also one of the few dishes that I will actually eat as leftovers. Italian food, to me, always taste just as good 2 days after. I want to invest in a pasta maker. I know that it would get a serious workout in my house. Crazy as it sounds, I prefer Italian food to soul food any day. With all of that being said, I took on the feat of another Italian dish. This week in cooking, I try my hand at Chicken Fettuccini.

I used Bertolli's Fettuccini cream sauce in the bottle. I wasn't very sure of my skills when it came to making my own. This was an easy dish to make. The ingredients were simple as well. All I needed was a pack of fettuccine, a bottle of sauce, skinless chicken breasts, and a few spices. Before I cooked my chunks of chicken breast, I started with a little butter, minced garlic and onions in a skillet. I seasoned the chicken lightly with salt and pepper. I added the chicken to the hot skillet and cooked until it wasn't pink anymore. I added the chicken to my sauce to cook some more. I was also waiting on my noodles to come to a boil. Once it was ready, I added it to my sauce and chicken. I tossed the entire mixture until all of the fettuccini was covered with sauce. It smelled so good.

It came out just perfectly. I was very happy with my results. I did forget to add parmesan cheese on top after I plated it. But it was wonderful without it. The only thing that I will change the next time is my sauce. have to admit I went the easy route. I used store bought fettuccini sauce. I did find a great recipe for the homemade kind on The next time I will be doing that. I did add a lot of spices to the sauce though. I like spicy food. I guess it has something to do with the fact that I am a New Orleans girl. But, I added cayenne pepper (more than a few pinches) as well as Tony Chachere's to my sauce as it was cooking. Homemade sauce will make it that much better. I'm sure of it. I do not know what I will attempt to cook next. But, I'm sure I will be blogging about it. What are you guys cooking? Any recipes you'd like to share? Feel Free!

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