Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Scenario: The Cheating Confessional

Ok, here's the scenario. You are friends with a married couple. You've known one longer than the other. But, you are really good friends with the wife and the husband. You are privy to the fact that the husband is cheating. What do you do?

This scenario was brought up in a conversation last night. It's a conflicting situation. Being friends with both of them complicates things. As a friend to the wife, I feel obligated to tell. Because if I were a wife, I would want to know. I know it would break my heart but I still would want to know. I just feel like cheating where you are married is the ultimate no-no. It's the lowest thing you can do to your mate.

On the reverse side of that, is the fact that me telling could cause me to lose two friendships. There is no guarantee that me exposing this affair would be a good thing in any way. The couple could decide to stay together and not speak to me anymore. It's one of those situations that could fall into the "its not my business" category. It's a very sticky situation.

So as you can see, I never came to a clear cut answer. I think that it's one of those hypothetical situations that I would have to be in to answer. It's very complicated. But I do know that if I was the wife in the situation, I would want to know. Cheating sucks. Those who engage in it are really not good people. I can honestly say that when I was younger I did whatever I wanted to. I did not care about cheating. Thank God I grew up. Wisdom does indeed come with age. What would you guys do? Tell or keep it to yourself? Let's talk about it.


  1. Oh yeah, I would have to tell. As awkward as it may be...I imagine myself in her shoes. I would want to be informed despite the pain and potential humiliation. And what if she ever found out you didn't tell her...? Or do you confront him...? Mm (smh). I will never want to be faced with that.

  2. I have been in this situation. I told becuase as a woman I couldn't keep that secret. To me, keeping that secret meant that I was condoning the affair. I would want to know as well.