Monday, October 24, 2011

Degree of Separation

(Me graduating from College!)

"A degree does not indicate intelligence. It signifies completion." (some random person on Twitter). o_O Oh, really? I wholeheartedly disagree.

This was retweeted onto my timeline on Twitter. I instantly made me feel some kind of way. My initial response was "What?" I'm sorry but it signifies a whole lot more than completion. That is just about the simplest thing I've ever read. No one completes a degree course by chance alone. This statement is always thrown out by people who've never attempted college courses or who've never completed them. I totally disagree with the statement. My college degree mean I was intelligent enough to complete 125 credit hours. That means something.

(Me graduating from High School!)

No, I do not believe my degree makes me better than others? Not does it give me a superiority complex. I'm proud of myself for obtaining it. I worked by proverbial ass off for it. Now, it seems that people without a degree feel some kind of way towards those that have them. I do. It look down on people who don't have degrees. I know some who feel inferior because they do not have them. But that's their issue not mine. I went to college for myself. I completed the hours and work for myself. I will not play small for someone else to seem big. If you have a problem with my education, and you should do something about yours. I will be pursuing post graduate degree as well. That's my choice. I am intelligent enough to get it.

(Me graduating from Kindergarten!)

I do not think that I'm more intelligent than people without degrees. I know how much as work goes into completing a degree program. Hard work alone will not get you there. Intelligence plays a huge part. That is a given. I think its dumb for others to downplay what it takes to earn a degree. I will never understand that. I am extremely proud of myself and no one can ever take that from me. I guess people will always feel some kind of way on the matter. And, I guess since I have one, I will always be on this side of the fence? My intelligence, perseverance, incredible study skills and hard work got me my degree. And, I'll be damned if anyone makes me feel bad about it.

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