Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pole Fitness

Pole Fitness is a growing craze. I used to have a very negative view of strippers. In recent years, I have changed my mind. Those women work. That pole is serious business curiosity has been peaked by the matter. I think I want to master the pole. It's, of course, very sexy and sensual. That is the main motivation for me. But, I'm also sure that it is a great workout. It's a great way to get into and stay in shape. Pole dancing is an art that I believe any woman can conquer. It's actually quite wonderful to watch. I am in awe.

I watched a few youtube videos of some women pole dancing. I can only say that they have inspired me. I was especially moved by the youtube videos of this one thick girl. This chick is great in the videos below. I think any thing that makes a woman feel sexy is a great thing. Pole fitness falls into that category for me. I always see advertisements for pole classes. I've never been assertive enough to just do it. I'm beginning to think that I'm changing. I want to learn how to do the things the women in the videos below are doing. They are amazing to me. Watch them work the pole. Enjoy!


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhh! I want to do this! It is absolutely beautiful and an art. I may not have used those words to describe pole dancing in the past myself but I guess the reality is that it is no longer stigmatized. Not only is it artistic expression but also physically demanding and challenging.... I also love the videos you've posted because she is inspiring! Im going to warn you that I may borrow these and share them myself 'cause this is AWESOME! Thanks for the fuel!

  2. MC, I watched a few different videos but I liked her's the best. Inspiring was the word that came to mind when I watched her as well. Feel free to borrow, girl. I def see this in a totally different way now.