Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"The Cosby Show" Revolutionized My World

From the opening credits, I was pulled into the greatness of what "The Cosby Show" would eventually become. I remember being totally amazed while watching the premiere episode of "The Cosby Show." They were funny and successful and affluent and most importantly Black. There was a family on my television who looked like me and my family. I was definitely an instant fan. I loved everything about the show. The show would go on to tackle issues I knew nothing of. But, afterwards, I was well informed. I literally learned so much about so many things from "The Cosby Show."

I identified mostly with Rudy. My little cousin Juan thought that she and I were one in the same. He asked his Mom "Why was My Kenda in the tv?" Everyone I knew was a fan of this show. It was like nothing any of us had ever seen before. "The Cosby Show" changed my perception of what life could be at the age of barely 5. These people were like me but they also weren't. I embraced the similarities between their family and mine. The show also planted a seed in me about what I wanted my future family and life to be. They focused on education a lot. That was a huge theme in my hope before I even entered school. In many ways, I saw a lot of Claire and Cliff in my Mom's parenting skills. I knew that no matter what, we would all sit and watch "The Cosby Show" as a family.

I learned so much from this show. there was always great art adorning the walls of the Huxtable house. I was introduced to a different genre of music via this show. Jazz was a favorite of Cliff and Claire. The children were encouraged to pursue higher education. Not attending college wasn't really an option in that household. In a way, the Huxtable's set a new norm. A family that was functional and happy and together who just happened to be Black. No one had ever seen this before. The world was as open to it as my family was. "The Cosby Show" single-handedly revived the sitcom genre. It was the biggest show of the 80's. It's been 27 years since it premiered and I still love it. It is still running in syndication. It is also available on dvd. This introduces a new generation to the greatness that is "The Cosby Show."

The world is missing that kind of television programming. We have fallen into the reality tv world. Reality tv has killed the scripted sitcom. I do believe that it will be making a strong comeback. We need it to. I still watch "The Cosby Show" and still laugh at jokes that are almost as old as me. They never get old. Funny is always funny. I loved the show from beginning to end. I do prefer the earlier seasons though. I'm sure that has to do with my favorite character being Rudy and the fact that she and I were the same age. It is one show that I need to get all 8 seasons on dvd to add to my small collection. That way I can watch and reminisce about my own childhood. "The Cosby Show" will always remind me of the simplicity of my life then. It made things so much better. How could it not with a Dad like Cliff, a Mom like Claire, and kids like Sondra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa and Rudy? Gotta love them!

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