Sunday, October 30, 2011

I Do Not Approve of Herman Cain

Herman Cain is running on the platform that he is the "anti-Obama." He is right about that. He is nothing like my President. There is nothing inspirational or hopeful about Cain and his platform. I wouldn't even delve into what his platform is. My main issue with Cain is his attitude towards Blacks. He has said that Blacks are "brainwashed into voting for Democrats." To me, that comes off as we cannot think for ourselves. As if we are too stupid, ignorant, uninformed to make an intelligent choice when it comes to voting. I hate for a person to underestimate my intelligence. Herman Cain seems to look down on the 99%, especially Blacks. That is an ultimate no-no in my book. I also see what the Republicans are attempting to do, split the minority and youth vote that got President Obama elected in 2008. I simply do not approve of Herman Cain.

Journalist Toure' tweets "It baffles me how Cain can attack Black people—call us brainwashed, deny racism, deny Obama's Blackness—and still some Blacks loooove him." I totally agree. As a dark skinned Black man who denies that racism exists says a lot about Cain's character. Yes, we have a Black President. But, we still live in a country full of racists. I would be a fool to believe that President Obama's election erased all of the racism in the U.S. That is beyond absurd. Any Black person who believes such an outlandish tale is silly as well. I live in the real world. I leave fairy tales for the kids.

That picture of Herman Cain & Uncle Ruckus is a perfection depiction in my mind. Uncle Ruckus hates Black people. I'm beginning to believe the same thing about Cain. His delivery and condescending attitude grates on my nerves. I also do not think he has a chance in hell of actually securing the GOP nomination. He is being used as a ploy. Sad, that he does not see that. Anyway, I have a very adverse reaction to this man and every thing he says. He is a cartoon character to me. I will be voting for President Obama in 2012. Wish I could vote for him again in 2016. Either way, I would never vote for Herman Cain. It has less to do with him being a Republican and more to do with the fact that he is a joke. I'm not impressed. And, I actually feel sorry for the GOP. There isn't one strong contender in that whole group. Not Perry or Bachmann or Romney. None of them have it. That makes me smile. Oh, yeah just fyi, Obama in 2012!

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