Sunday, August 11, 2013

#31WriteNow: It's My Hair Summertime

My natural hair journey has hit a snag. This summer has been brtual on my hair. The New Orleans heat mixed with my own stress has become an issue. My hair is shedding. A lot. Too much for my liking. I've straightened my hair 3 or 4 different times this summer. I am sure I won't be doing it anytime soon. I need to give my hair a huge break. This is the moment when I really miss having relaxed hair. I would just rod my hair and wear it curly for weeks. It doesn't work that way with natural hair. I spend more time on my hair now than I ever did before. I am more aware of what's going on with my hair now than when it was relaxed. I cannot go to sleep without it being tied down with a silk scarf. I make sure to use the LOC (liquid-oil-cream) method before I go to sleep. Every little bit helps when it comes to my hair.

I really do not know what to do. Someone suggested a sew in. I have never been big on weaves. I like to touch my scalp too much for that. But, I have to do something soon. I'd hate to have to cut my hair. That's the reason I didn't do big chop. The pics are just a few of my styles this summer. My hair has been beyond thirsty this summer. This heat has not been kind to me. Harsh on my hair and on my heart. I've just been spending moe time with my hair care. I'm also back to pre-pooing my hair once a week. I've also started to do more hot oil treatments. Anything to help my hair. I'm not really complaining about my natural hair. I'm still loving the process. There is nothing like feeling the true texture of your hair. I love playing in my own head. So, for now, I'm just wading these natural hair streets searching for what works for me. 

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