Tuesday, August 27, 2013

#31WriteNow: Emotional Vampires

This person can be your family or your friend or your lover. They love you like you love them. But, they drain you emotionally. They are known as "emotional vampires." Probably because they are known to suck you dry emotionally. Nothing you ever do to help them is enough for them. They are always in the middle of some drama. It never fails. And you are the first (and seemingly only) person they call. Why are these types of relationships the hardest to shake? Emotional vampires are leeches. They will suck and suck until there is nothing left. They always need all of your attention. They are never there for anyone else. They need to be the center of attention because of their emotional drama. No one ever wants to pull away from family or friends. It's hard and it hurts. But, when that relationship begins to tale its toll on everything around you, something has to give. You can't keep saving them from their dramas. Because that will never solve the problem. More often than not, it helps the issue grow

Emotional vampires truly do not want an answer to their problem. They just want you to jump in every time and save the day. It's like this is their drug. Because they thrive on the drama. It is what makes their world spin. I would hate to be that draining on another person. When I do speak about my problems, its because I truly need help. I don't ask often. That's because I'm too prideful at times. I hate to bother people. I can tell you my opinion or how I feel inside all day. That's beyond easy to me. I like to talk. But my problems are a whole different lot. I keep them mostly to myself. I solve them on my own. I'm very much in my own head. My burdens aren't meant for someone else to bear. I use my head and follow my heart wherever they lead me. I wasn't raised to depend on anyone for my well-being. I guess this is why I don't get this kind of behavior.

These types of relationships can become toxic if you're not careful. Sometimes you have to place boundaries. Say no when you usually say yes. Walk away instead of engaging. And, if all else fails, letting go is the only option. It's definitely sad of that's how it ends. My well-being and peace of mind matter the most to me. That may sound very self involved but its true. I can't keep looking out for you while ignoring me. That's quite insane. If push comes to shove, I can still love you from afar. I've had to deal with this on two separate occasions. It sucked. These friends drained me. It was a roller coaster all the time. I backed off once I realized that they didn't wanna grow from there. I'm still cool with them but I'm no longer playing the game. What makes a person behave like this? I always wondered if the two people in my life knew that they were draining me. I never asked them. I'm sure they would be very offended if I asked now. Have any of you dealt with emotional draining relationships? Or have you been the one draining folks? How did you handle it? Have you changed? Let's talk about it.

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