Sunday, August 04, 2013

#31WriteNow: Oh Word?

Words are important. I am very cautious of the words I use. I only use words I know the definition of and can spell. That is just a personal issue for me. Words are wonderful. They can help or they can harm. I try my best to not cut people down with my words. I am not a perfect being so some times I fail at it. I have a very slick mouth and very intelligent mind. I think before I speak. I feel the full weight of a word in my mouth before I use it. Words mean that much to me. I believe it is rude to be so callous and careless with one's words. People do it too often. Maybe it is because I'm always in my head. I don't ever want to misrepresent myself. My words are all I have in the end. I have to stand on my words, my beliefs, my convictions. They are the foundation of who I am. When I write, I am using my words to tell my story. Whether I'm happy or sad or hurt or excited, my words express that to you. Sometimes my words scare me. They show my vulnerability and my heart. That is the best worst thing ever. Without words, how could I ever express myself? I crave words like I need air. 

My love of words does not come from talking. I fell in love with words when I started reading. The fact that there are people in the world with the talent to create another world within their words is still portable magic to me. I have this same relationship with song lyrics. I love to take people at their word. What you said is what you meant. Your word is your bond. If you say "Kenda, I'm going to do x, y, and z," then that's what the hell you better do. What I say I mean. It's why I am so protective of saying those three little words. Outside of family and friends, I don't say them freely, easily or often. Because "I love you" is huge and it matters. They are words that can build you up or break you down. Strange how three little words can carry so much power. It's been said that we give words power. This is true in a way. I think the people saying those words have power. I have a tough exterior but words cut straight to my heart. The things people have said to me or about me have all altered me in ways I can't even describe. Words mean things to all of us. All of the words in this post mean the most to me. I write to clear my mind and heart. I use my words to express my art. Words create things that did not exist before. How dope is that? It is all art. In that way, we are all artists. So, going forward, be careful with your words. You never know who could need those words to save them.

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