Monday, August 12, 2013

#31Write Now: Saturday & the City

Saturday was a lovely day in the city. I played tourist in my own city this weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Made my way to the Riverwalk. I was on a mission. I was going to try out a new restaurant, "Poppy's The Crazy Lobster." It was packed. We decided to sit outside because I wanted to be near the water. There was a live band, The Mojo Combo, playing as we walked in. They were pretty good. The hostess was nice as was our server. The atmosphere was very welcoming. I had high hopes for the food and drinks. After being there for only five minutes, I just knew that I wouldn't be disappointed. I'm happy to say that I was correct. 

Let's get into the food. I had an Arnold Palmer (half tea/half lemonade) to begin. We decided on the Cajun Fried Pickles for appetizers. They were so good. They came with a ranch dipping sauce. The portion was more than enough for two people. Everything on the menu was described in such a way that it all made me hungry. We chose the shrimp and grits and the bayou catfish platter.  We shared everything. We were both stuffed. It was all so delicious. By the time our entrees arrived, the first band left and a new band took their place. Both bands were great. I am biased because I love live music. Our server, Carlin, was so funny. He took great care of us. He even snapped a few pictures as well. I really liked him. The food and atmosphere were so good. I know I will be back. 

Sitting outside was the best decision we made. It was hot but the breeze off of the Mississippi River made it bearable. I love water. Always have. I also love watching the boats as they pass. We were there for almost three hours. We just took the time out to enjoy life and the moment. I know that I am always so caught up in my own life and in my own head that I forget to live. Existing is easy. Living is better. So, Saturday I truly existed in that moment. I wasn't even upset when the skies opened up and poured rain down on us. I took pictures instead. I laughed more. I also ordered a drink. It's called Poppy's Voodoo Juice and it was awesome. It is a bunch of different rums and ice cold pineapple juice. I loved the cup it came in. I can honestly say that I was tipsy halfway through it. I was completely drunk by the end of it. Drunk Kenda is a laughing, smiling, damn good time. So, the Voodoo Juice made the day better. We walked in the rain and didn't care. 

I have to send a huge thanks to the friend who graciously gifted me with Groupon for "Poppy's Crazy Lobster." If not for that, I would have never discovered this dope spot. Good food, great atmosphere, and live music are a wonderful combination. I could not have asked for a more perfect day. I needed it. I deserved it. But, most of all, I enjoyed it. I had the best experience and it all happened here. I took the time to walk Canal Street. I shopped and window shopped in the Riverwalk. I indulged in my favorite pastime, people watching. Which, by the way, is super interesting. People are funny. I was my normal smiling, laughing, conversing with others self. I was happy. And, I could never have predicted that. Suffice it to say, Saturday was a damn good day. I ate good, drank well, laughed even more. I walked in the rain and took pictures. I got a little drunk and didn't care. My city was good to me Saturday and I thank her for it.  


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    1. Hi Joseph!! I'm glad you think so. I concur. Thank you so much!