Friday, August 30, 2013

#31WriteNow: A Celebration!


Would you dance with me? C'mon. Get to it!! This is a dance break post. Yes, I am celebrating that today is August 30th. That means I am one day away from finishing the #31WriteNow writing challenge. It has been a very long, hot month. I had concerns early on that I would be able to finish this. My head hasn't been in the best place which leads to writer's block more often than an writer would like. I pushed myself through this. I was determined to do it. I needed to do it. I had to write this month. This challenge came along at the perfect moment. It was truly divine intervention. And, I welcomed it rightfully into my life and onto my blog. I sat down and wrote a few blogs that first week. That was the easiest week of this. Everything after that was a labor of love. There were some days when the words just wouldn't come. Those were the worst days. Prayer helped me through those days. 


So, as I sit here blogging on the second to last day of the challenge, I am reflecting. This challenge wasn't always easy nor did I always feel like doing it. But, I knew that it would be the best thing for me. It has allowed to get all of the words, thoughts and ideas out of my head and on to the proverbial page. I am grateful for that alone. I do not know if people who aren't writers get how much goes through a writer's head all the time. There is never a moment when nothing is forming in my head. I can try to not focus on it. But, because I write, those words will demand to be written one way or another. That's just my truth. I have so many unfinished blogs sitting in my drafts right now. Things I felt like I wanted to say and ultimately decided I couldn't. Or things that I don't think I'm ready to finish yet. Some of my drafts are just things that have demanded not to be written...yet. Either way, I am always writing in some form or fashion. Now, I'm at the need of this challenge. I have grown because of it. There is only one day left. So, yes, I am dancing and celebrating myself!! Thank God that I made it through this month. 

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