Friday, August 16, 2013

#31WriteNow: I've Discovered Something New

Music makes me happy. It's been making me happier than normal these days. Over the last few weeks, I've discovered a few new artists. All unique in their own way. I love the diversity of these artists. While these artists may not be new to all, they are brand new to me.  Their music has been on repeat all week. I love when I can find music that just moves me. I've been very motivated all week. Anyway, let's discuss the newness. 

The first artist is Gwen Bunn. She came my way via a friend on Tumblr. The first song I heard by her is"Replaced You" and I was instantly intrigued. I loved this track. The lyrics were right up my alley. I listened to her whole EP "The Verdict" right afterwards. Every track was better than its predecessor. I was hooked. I really enjoyed everything about her. I had to share her with you guys.  

Next up is Elli Ingram. I found her via that same friend (activelistening). Her interpretation of Kendrick Lamar's "Poetic Justice" is beyond amazing. She did a mashup of that and Janet's "Any Time, Any Place" and it blew me away. Her EP "Sober" is just as amazing. She puts me in the mind frame of Adele, which is great company to be in. I cannot stop playing her music. 

I first heard of Lorde via Twitter and decided to check her out.  Her single "Royals" is so young and carefree. It has a certain air about it. I played it on repeat for a half hour straight. It's just feel goo d music. It's infectious. It's the kind of music that just stays with you. Also, Lorde is only 16 years old!! I think that's amazing. Her EP "The Love Club" was released this year. It will be followed by her major label debut "Pure Heroine" September 30, 2013. I am looking forward to hearing more from her. 

I first heard of Gary Clark Jr on a track with The Dream called "Too Early." It was one of my favorite songs on the cd. I've been hearing a few tracks by him. "When My Train Pulls In" has to be my favorite so far. His bluesy soulful voice is intoxicating. I definitely need to see this man in concert soon. There is something about him. I cannot wait to hear more from him. 

I've been following these two sisters on YouTube for well over a year. They are VanJess. They have done a lot of covers. My favorite has to be their cover of J. Cole's "Power Trip" and Kendrick Lamar's "Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe." They also have released their first EP "00 Till Escape." It is all new original music from the girls. I really love them and their voices. Their YouTube channel is stocked full of great videos of their music and covers. I;m really glad to see the girls doing so well. These are the new artists that I've been indulging in lately. You guys should check them out. Let me know what you think of them. Enjoy!

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