Saturday, August 31, 2013

#31WriteNow: I Just Hope That You Miss Me A Little When I'm Gone

I'm taking a timeout. I am making myself do the work that needs to be done away from this space. I've been fighting against doing this all year. But, the reality is I can no longer do that. I need a break. I need to get out of my head and focused on more positive things in life. I feel like I've been writing one extensive, emotional, ridiculous letter to a certain person via social media. And, none of it is making the situation better. Actually, it's gotten worse and I'm over it. I do not care to continue this train of thought and this tone of voice. So, I am leaving for a little while. I am challenging myself to abstain from blogging for a little while. It won't be easy because I actually love writing. But, I need to do this. 

I am very proud of myself for completing Luvvie's #31WriteNow writing challenge. It took everything in me to get here. So, I need a break. My brain is screaming for it. Hope to see you back here when I return. I am positive that my blogs will sound like Kenda again. Thank you for reading. If you're praying people, send one up for me. I can use it. So, for at least the month of September, my blog will go dark. No posts from me here. You may catch me on Twitter or Tumblr but not often. I'll miss blogging for sure as well as my readers. In the words of one Mr. Aubrey Drake Graham, "I just hope that you miss me a little when I'm gone..." 

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