Friday, August 23, 2013

#31WriteNow: Places I Must Visit


San Francisco, California is a new addition to my places to visit. I do not know anyone that lives here but I do have fam in Northern Cali. I am in love with the architecture of this city. I want to ride their trolleys and go to an open house here. Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge is a must when visiting San Fran. I love all of the pictures I have seen of the bridge all lit up at night. It is gorgeous. Also, visiting Alcatraz, the Exploratorium and Fisherman's Wharf are a must. I have a special place in my heart for California anyway. It's a place that I really wouldn't mind living again. I also have to explore Northern Cali because people say it's a totally different world from SoCal. 

"As the shimmering "City by the Bay," San Francisco’s distinctive terrain – water on one side, hills on the other – leads to spectacular views and experiences that could only happen here. The city’s wide array of attractions, activities, and personality-infused neighborhoods appeal to visitors of all ages." - via City Pass

From pictures, San Fran seems to have a New Orleans-esque feel to it. The cable cars and the carriages are all things synonymous with the N.O. There are a plethora of restaurants and landmarks that I need to see and photograph. And, anywhere near water is a win for me. I think I was born to live near water. It keeps calling my name. Which is strange because I cannot swim but I love it anyway. San Fran has a famous farmer's market that I def want to visit. It's just such a beautiful city. It just seems like a great place to visit. It has moved up to my top ten places to visit. Cannot wait to get there. 

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