Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ladies Love Lyrics: BLACKgirl's "Where Did We Go Wrong?"

BLACKgirl was one of my favorite one hit wonder groups. Their debut cd "Treat U Right" was awesome. I still love it. I was writing and listening to an old mixed cd when this song came on. I literally stopped what I was doing to have a full on moment. This was my song. My high school BFF Shay and I played this cd out. We were total fans. So, I had to share a throwback with you guys. IF you've never heard this track before, get into it. If you have, reminisce with me. Enjoy!!

"Now is the time for us to say goodbye
You go your way and I'll go mine

Life must go on
which means I've got to carry on
but I wanna know Kenda
where did we go wrong?
Where did we go wrong?

I remember times you made me laugh
all the times you made me cry
you wiped the tears
the tears from my eyes
oh yes you did
God blessed us with love
from heaven up above
So won't you tell me now
where did we go wrong?

Oh, oh
Where, where did we go wrong

after all that we've been through?
Was it something that we did not do?
Tell me where did we go wrong?"


  1. Loved this song and I've been searching for it!!! TY!!!

    1. You are more than welcomes, Imani!! This is one of my favorite songs. I loved it then, still do now.