Sunday, March 17, 2013

I Needed To Read This Today

There are a plethora of things I need to learn in life. Number one on that list is learning how to stop worrying. Whether I worry or not, life is going to happen. The only difference is I could be watching it instead of existing in it. That's why these particular pictures caught my heart. Yes, they bypassed my eyes to get to the core of me. I have a very active and healthy imagination. This is the gift and the curse of any creative person. I struggle with this issue internally so much.

I can conjure up so many situations in my head. I know better than this. I know what the saying about worrying and praying is. The two can not coexist. I have to stop torturing myself about what "could possibly" happen. There is no guarantee in life but God. That is my belief. My faith is strong. My mind is getting there. I had a really good afternoon. Some things got put into perspective without a word. I needed to get that. For the first time in weeks, my heart isn't heavy and my head isn't clouded with thoughts. I prayed. End of story. 

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