Friday, March 29, 2013

Food For Thought: Love

This question was posted on Tumblr by Arsenicandgoldlace a few hours ago. It instantly caught my eye. This question had my mind racing because I had two different answers. I do not believe that love cancels out a person's ability to hurt someone they love. I've had family/friends/lovers hurt me. Their love for me didn't stop them from doing so. They hurt me. And, I am guilty of the same. Of hurting the ones I love. It was never intentional, But, we've all done it. It is something that none of us can live without. And, even when we've been hurt by love, torn apart by it, or crushed by it, it is still the most essential emotions that humans can exert. I love love. Even where I am right at this moment, I can say that and know that its true. It's that important, that deep. I've always said that I cannot define love with words but I know it when I feel it. It is an emotion that is undeniable and unlike anything I've ever felt. Lace and I had a back and forth dialogue about the topic. I posted it below. It is always interesting to hear others view on love and relations.

I stand by my words. We give so much power to the ones we love. We give it to them in hopes that they will cradle our love and hearts. We hope and pray that they never hurt us and vice versa. Love in any and all forms can be tricky. When you love anyone, you are carrying that person's heart in your hands. It is so easy to fumble with it when you aren't paying attention. I know I have to be better about the things I do and say. I just wish others in my life would acknowledge that as well. I put up a good tough girl front. But, I hurt, I cry, I feel pain. I actually think that I am more sensitive than most realize because of my strong exterior. That's partly my fault. We all need to be more careful with the ones we love because life is indeed short. We should tell the ones we love that we love them while they are here. I would love to hear from others on this topic. Let's dish. What's your take on it?

*Sidenote - This wedding cake is just DOPE. I had no other reason to use this pic other than I dug it*


  1. Hi Kenda. :)

    I agree with hurt being associated with negligence and malpractice, however, there should also be an appreciation for those that hurt/do harm while attempting to strengthen the heart that they are proverbially carrying of those entrusting their heart to them.

    Being that we all have our different love languages, some of us love tough like the tough woman you portray on the exterior. As we live and learn, we also live and learn to love better, in different ways and we learn to pick up on each others preferred love languages.

    I like to think that as I keep growing and learning, I can still learn to speak a language of love that doesnt hurt those who I love the most.

    1. Hi Soul Junkee!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I totally agree with your thoughts. Especially "I like to think that as I keep growing and learning, I can still learn to speak a language of love that doesn't hurt those who I love the most." Great line.