Friday, March 01, 2013

Marching Around Randomly

°  I just finished the most insanely, interesting book ever. It's the first book I've read in over a month. It's a hobby that I don't think I will ever get tired of. 

° Confusion has been my middle name lately. I am so full of emotions. A lot of emotions. I am keeping an online journal to help me sort it all out.  That has been the thing holding me together. 

° I'm still hella pissed off about that ignorant tweet sent out on The Onion's account about Quvenzhane' Wallis. It was bullshit and I cannot believe it happened. She is a 9 year old child. People need to learn boundaries, respect and grab some chill.

° The Grammy's like the Oscars for the most part were long and boring. Both institutions need to be injected into the broadcasts. They just seem overly white, old and out of touch.

° I dropped my Evo a week ago. It hasn't been right all week. I'm confused because I don't know what new cell to purchase. 

° A family member hurt my feelings. I am currently not speaking to said person. I do not feel the need to reach out and explain this. But, I deserve an explanation and apology. I am not pressed for it right now. If it happens, cool. If not, oh well. I don't like people, family or not, messing with me. 

°  I wonder if I am truly suffering from insomnia or if I am doing this to myself. I really cannot fall asleep. Even if I take something, I still lie awake for hours before sleep arrives. This is not a good feeling. I am tired all the time and restless at night. 

° So, this 3 week hiatus that "Scandal" is taking is no bueno. I have nothing to watch as I type this up. No Liv or Harrison or Fitz or Cyrus. *le sigh* I don't know why ABC and Shonda Rhimes does this to us. We deserve better!!!

° You never know where a new friendship will bloom. I had a conversation with someone last week and a follow up via email this week. I needed to hear that advice from someone new. I am so grateful for it.

° So far 2013 has been a whole lot of bs and curveballs. I do NOT like it. I need the month of March to be so much better for me. I'm so tired from January and February. I need march to be calm and give me more sunny days. My soul needs it tremendously. Please and thank ypu.

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