Monday, March 25, 2013

Around These E-Streets (V)

I am a voracious reader. Whether it is books, magazines or online, I am almost always reading something. I wanted to share so interesting things I ran across this last week or some on the web. Hope you guys enjoy it.

 ° Terrilynn Monette is STILL MISSING. It's been weeks. No trace of her has been found. Not her cell or her car or her purse. It's like she disappeared into thin air. This story hurts. Because she was abducted from my city, she's in my age group. I've seen her Mom on tv her night since she was reported missing. The not knowing has to be killing her family. There is more info here and here.

 ° The road to overturning the groundbreaking law that Roe v. Wade set is coming. Just last week in North Dakota, the Senate passed a law that outlaws abortion at all stages. You can read about that ridiculousness here. I really have no words other than this is stupid. I am pro-life for myself but always pro-choice for other women. It's our bodies and our choice. We do not need the government's input.

° Zerlina Maxwell has been speaking on the culture of rape in this country and teaching men how not to rape. Her argument is a good one. She was featured on Sean Hannity's Faux News show. You can read about her stand here.

° Adria Richards, a Black woman, was at a tech convention when she overheard some sexist and demeaning remarks. She took the guys pictures and tweeted about the situation. It led to one of those guys being fired. A few days later, Richards was publicly fired. Her employers fired her by way of Twitter and Facebook which was beyond unprofessional. Her story is here.

° The Stuebenville rape case had the world watching. I can say that I am not happy with the outcome. I think those two young men deserved harsher punishments. What I am more appalled with s the way the media has covered this crime. CNN reporters have basically coddled these young men. IT's ridiculous. Read more here.

° A lot has been said and written about BeyoncĂ©'s "Bow Down?I Been On" tracks. I am a fan and I like it. Maybe becase I am from the South and I know all about Htown's screw music. It has a def Houston hip-hop feel to it that I dig. She is an artist. This is her art to do what she please with. This article feels the same.

° One of the best players on the Baltimore RAvens team has left. His name is Ed Reed. He is now a Houston Texan after 11 seasons. He took out a full page ad to thank his fans. Read it here. I thought that was nice and dope.

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