Thursday, March 14, 2013

Get Into It: Daily Horoscope App

I am not a hard core believer in astrology. I don't pick my friends by their signs. I don't live my life according to the stars. I am well aware of my Sagittarius traits. I do know what signs I don't get along with & the ones I will. Since nothing this year has gone according to my plans, I've started taking my daily horoscopes more seriously. It's been enlightening to have a little insight on the disarray that my life has become. I like to take in the information and use it in my pursuit of happiness. That's what it is to me. An avenue to get me to a better place. Any one who has read my blog lately can tell that I'm not myself, not in the best head space. But, I'm working on it. I'm slowly pulling myself out of this sea I've been in. I'm open to whatever works at this point.

I read my horoscope at night. I do this to see if my horoscope was right. It's kinda crazy how on point it's been for the last few weeks. I have this app called "Daily Horoscope" which sends it to me daily. The pictures are from my horoscope this week. Notice the pink/purple hue they are in. I opted for that. Also, you can check your yearly horoscope, Chinese horoscope, compatibility and druid horoscopes. It's also color customizable and you can set a horoscope reminder. I like all the features. I also read the yearly horoscope of another sign. For reasons. And, it made me ubër sad. Only because I believe it will affect me as well. I've been searching for clarity for weeks now. This app gives me a little of that. If you're curious like I was, I suggest getting into the Daily Horoscope app. It's available for Android and iPhone users. It's also $Free.99 which is always a great thing. What sign are you? Let's talk!


  1. There are so many ways to get daily horoscope, weekly or yearly horoscope by online or you can download application which is based on horoscope.

  2. Love your blog and agree with Leo with regards to your daily horoscope.

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