Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rant: George Zimmerman, Get Your Brother

The above picture was posted on Twitter by George Zimmerman's brother. The picture on the right is the young man who killed a baby in a stroller while trying to rob the mother over the weekend. The picture on the left is Trayvon Martin, the kid who was killed by Zimmerman more than a year ago. Both are 17 year old Black kids. That is the only comparison I can make from a picture. It seems the Zimmerman family is intent on being douches for all eternity. Martin is no longer breathing because Zimmerman decided that he shouldn't be. Zimmerman is a murderer no matter how theis case is spun. He stalked a kid, he racially profiled a kid, he fought a kid, and he used his gun to kill a kid. Those are the only facts I need to know. The trial begins in June. Zimmerman deserves no less than life in prison for taking a life. He deserves to pay for his actions. He killed Trayvon. Point blank.
I cannot take anyone in the Zimmerman family seriously. People need to realize that just because someone is family is not a reason to stand behind their wrong actions. If you kill someone in cold blood, mother/brother/sister/child/spouse, I will not be leading the cavalry to your defense. Because you are guilty. You have to pay for your sins. This case has disgusted me for over a year. I simply cannot! Zimmerman's brother is not helping his brother's case. He is furthering the racist claims. He basically says that all young Black men are murderers and criminals. That is a horrible stereotype and racist. I need this guy to go far away. And, GZ to go to jail for decades. OR until he dies. Either works for me. And, I'm sure The Fulton/Martin family feels the same.

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