Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Music: Get Into It

Yesterday was a dope day. I discovered a new artist (Alice Smith) and rediscovered my love for another (Justin Timberlake). Both artist have new projects dropping really soon. Both took to the web to stream "She" and "The 20/20 Experience." I didn't really know what to expect when I sat to listen to either of them. Both blew my mind. Just really feel good music. I can def see myself playing them both constantly. They are just that great to me. Let's discuss. 

Justin Timberlake's "The 20/20 Experience" can be heard on iTunes. I already had high expectations for this project because I am a fan. JT's first 2 albums were awesome and seamless to me. I still listen to them. But. it's been almost 7 years without new music from him. His first single was the infectious "Suit & Tie"which I loved from the first listen. Then, he performed "Pusher Love Girl" at the Grammy's. This was another win in my book. So, listening to the stream today, my ears were so happy. It was musical orgasm. Every song was better than its predecessor. The album is only 10 tracks deep but they are all great picks. I am particularly fond of "Tunnel Vision" (which may be my fave) , "That Girl" and "Blue Ocean Floor." "The 20/20 Experience" drops on Tuesday, March 19th. It is def worth the money and the wait. You guys should def get into Justin's new work.

Alice Smith's "She" can be heard on Fader. I have heard her names for years. I have even liked a song or two from her. But, I wouldn't call myself a fan. Until today. A friend alerted me to her new project "She" today. I headed to Fader's website to listen. I was instantly drawn in by her tone. I really enjoyed the whole cd. I am in love with "The One" because those lyrics are everything. I just really vibed to every track. I did not skip one track. That means something to me. Alice's "She" drops on Tuesday, March 19th as well. So, Tuesday will be a great day for new music. I suggest picking up both because they are both worth it. Get all the way into Justin and Alice. You will not be  disappointed. Trust me. 

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