Monday, March 04, 2013

Pack Light

We all have baggage. Be it from childhood, love, friendship or work. Baggage. It can be the thing that makes or breaks us. Sometimes we allow our things to get in the way of forward progression. I know I have slight abandonment/Daddy issues stemming from my Dad not being around 24/7 when I was a kid. Because of this, I have a fear that people I love and get close to will leave. These are things I work at constantly. Through all of that, I am not afraid of love. I've learned that love is nothing to fear. Love is the one thing in the world that makes everything worth experiencing it. Baggage can be physical, mental or emotional. Some carry all three with them. Some never even acknowledge it. I knew I couldn't be one of those people. I needed to work on me. I am currently and constantly a work in progress. That's what we all should be.

This quote really stuck with me when I read it the other day. Yes, I've seen it before. But, I think I finally get it. All the things that happen to us in life, whether good or bad, we carry with us. My favorite Uncle Larry gave me some advice that I've never forgotten. He said "In any relationships, you should be teaching someone something and vice versa." Any of my baggage that can be perceived as negative are things I need to work out within. I do not want to project that onto anyone else. I always want to be the person someone remembers with fondness. I know there are some who won't ever feel that way about me. I'm fine with that because more than likely the feeling is mutual. But, in general, I want to leave a lasting positive impression. I'm learning to let go. I don't want my baggage to negative affect someone I love. Your baggage can hold you back from so many things. Pack light, folks. A person's baggage should be light enough to fit into a carry on. No one should have to help  you unpack a full luggage set. One should love themselves enough to want that for their lives. Baggage can be the difference between living your life or just existing in it. I know which one I've chosen. What about you guys?

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