Saturday, March 02, 2013

Classic Music: Jodeci's "Diary of A Mad Band"

The bad boys of R&B. Jodeci burst on the scene in leather, gritty vocals and sexual lyrics. And, the girls ate it up. While the boys dug Jodeci because of how cool they were. I do not know anyone who didn't love Jodeci. I remember seeing them in concert at City Park on year. They were amazing. Jodeci will always hold a special place in my heart. Their music was often the soundtrack of my high school life. but cd was e-very-thing. I really did not think they could improve on it. But, I was wrong. Their sophomore cd "Diary of a Mad Band" was even better. The vocals of K-ci and Jo-Jo carried the group to great heights. They only released 3 cd's but the music just kept getting better.

My absolute favorite trck on DOAMB has to be the unreleased gem "Alone." Everytime I hear it, it
reminds me of being in a teen club called "The Grind" with my friends. It was the place where I first heard it. I still love this song. The singles were amazing. "My Heart Belongs To You," "Feenin," and "Cry For You" are all R&B classic tracks. They are timeless tracks. Jodeci was that group. I missed the edge that they brought to R&B. Below are my favorite tracks. Enjoy the musical walk down memory lane.

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