Monday, September 17, 2012

Celebrity Pass

It's normal to develop crushes on people especially celebs. I have a few. So does my guy. We've discussed them in depth. While having a conversation with my HIM today, an interesting topic came up. That idea if the day ever arrived that he met his crush, he would have a "pass." For those who aren't familiar, a pass is like me giving my ok for him to be with this actress. What followed was an hilarious conversation about limits, rules and regulations. There was a lot of laughing during this conversation. I began to think about how I truly, deeply felt about the idea. I came to an interesting conclusion.

He has a thing for a few celebs but this one certain actress in particular. I know this. If I see pictures of her, I post them on Tumblr for him. So, you can say, in a way I indulge his crush. I think it's cute. I told him that for this particular actress, I would have to give him a pass. For those that don't know, a pass is like me giving my ok for him to be with this actress. He said that I wouldn't be ok with it. That I would be hurt if by some chance he meet her & had sex with her. I said it for one reason and one reason alone. The probability of him meeting her is slim to none. I would love to believe that I'm so evolved that I would be able to handle a situation like this.

The truth of the matter is I think he's right. I'm too selfish and spoiled. He's mine. Not in the "I own him" kind of way but more in the "he's mine." I know myself well enough to know that even the thought of him being with someone else makes me see red. I cannot even comprehend that. Even if the woman is a celeb. She is still a woman. And, I don't want any woman with my man but me. It's funny because when I gave him the "pass" I believed I could do it. But I was wrong. He made it perfectly clear that he would not be giving me a pass for either of the two actors I have a crush on. He did not laugh at all. His jealousy is cute. He is just like me. We do not want to share. I'm more than ok with that.

Clearly, there will be no passes given in this relationship. Neither of us are ok with it. Let me just say that if I ever meet one Idris Elba, I will refrain from flirting with him. I'll try my best not to get caught up in his sexy accent. I wouldn't want HIM to give me the cold shoulder. I know that celebs are just human beings like the rest of them. Why would I want to mess up my great thing for one night? That question alone puts it all into perspective for me. Passes may be cool for some. But we aren't in that number. Has anyone ever being given a pass? Would you give one? Let's discuss.

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