Friday, September 21, 2012

What I Know

...about relationships, I actually learned through trial and error. I spent years listening to my Mom, Aunts, cousins, friends, and articles. What I realized is that too much input makes the outcome bad. I had to cut off all the voices outside and listen to my heart. In that moment, I grew. I do not know it all. I just know what I want and need. I know what I will and won't accept. Some times, I read some things that really make me shake my head. This article made me laugh. A friend of mine pointed me to it via Facebook. This "list" is ridiculous. My initial thoughts on the list are bolded below. Take a look at this nonsense.

1)He spoils you. (Is this a bad thing?? Since when??)

2)He advises you often. (What's wrong with this? We all need advice from time to time.)
3)You don't feel happy without sex. (Sex is great., wonderful, fantastic. But, if your only happiness comes from it, there is a problem. I agree.
4)You're gaining weight. (Weight gain in a happy relationship tends to happen. It's a scientific fact.)
5)You are losing weight. (What if you've started working out with your mate? Losing weight would be the results. I call bs on this.)
6)You feel distant from your friends. (In a new relationship, it is normal to get caught up in the relationship. There will be some distance because you are investing in the new relationship.)
7)You feel distant from your parents. (This is just weird. If a relationship causes you to turn away from your parents, run. Fast. This is def not healthy & I agree.)
8)You're not sleeping well. (Well, if the reason you're losing sleep is because of great all night conversations and sex, I do not see what the problem is.)
9)You check your phone often.(I am always checking my phone because I am always anticipating the next great text from HIM or phone call.)
10)You're reading every relationship article. (Women do this whether in a relationship or not. Whether it's good or not.)
11)You're talking to everyone about it. (What? If you are happy in your relationship, you tend to talk about it. You want others to know. Why wouldn't I talk about it.)
12)You're dressing bland. (A relationship wouldn't do this to me.)
13)You/he feels lazy. (I agree with this one.)
14)You feel relieved around his friends/family. (This one is just weird. I don't get it.)
15)You're always together. (I agree with this one. Couples need lives outside of the relationship.)
I've read alot of relationship articles over the years. It's habit at this point. I mean, I live for Cosmo magazine. There was more than one thing wrong with this one. I sometimes feel with articles n online magazines are done at the last minute and for shock value. This one in particular, seems silly on so many levels. I do not know the author. But, she clearly has issues with relationships. This list is ridiculous to me. Maybe I'm over reacting. Maybe I just don't get it. I just thing articles like this lead women on the wrong path. We are bombarded with relationship fixers and standards on tv, online and in print. The reality is what works for one couple may not work for another. That is life. We are all different. We need different things in relationship. There is no other instruction manual available better than the Bible in my opinion. I no longer take relationship advice from my friends or family. I definitely do no take it from articles or books. I follow my heart. Most of us do. I think we all know what's best for us. Let's dish.

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