Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rounding Out The Randoms

° I had a major case of writer's block tonight. It makes bogging daily a struggle. I'm hopeful that I'll shake it off by mañana.

°I'm so glad that the Fall shows have started. We're loving "The Voice" & "X-Factor" so far.

°Last month's #30in30 challenge showed me a lot about myself. I know now that I can write about whatever is placed in front of me. That makes me happy.

° There is good & bad reality tv. I'm pulling myself away from the bad slowly while enjoying the good. Loving "Tia & Tamera," "R&B Divas," & "The Braxtons" a lot.

° I think I'm addicted to oranges (they have to be cold though) & baked fish. I've eaten a ton of it lately.

° I've also been taken by white nail polish. It's the only thing I've worn for weeks now.

° After finishing the "Left Behind" series, I find myself lost as to what to read next. Any suggestions?

° Mitt Romney is clearly an idiot. There is nothing else I can say about him. Vote people!

° The VMA's were not that good this year. Kevin Hart was good. But it was just missing something. I'm not sure what it was.

° I'm still working on my story. Trying to figure out where I want these characters to go. So much brainstorming to do here. But, I will not quit until I'm satisfied.

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