Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Vernacular

We are all products of our environments. Our home towns are in us. Especially when it comes to the way we speak and the slang we use. It's always funny to me that I never realize what I say until someone points it out. It's just the way I speak. In the words of Lil Wayne, "If I had one guess, then I guess I'm just New Orleans!" My city is deeply inside of me. The way we speak, the music we like, it's all just me. When you're always surrounded with people who are from the same area as you are, you never catch it. It takes HIM to point out the little New Orleanian things I say. He finds it cute. I'm glad he does. Even if I tried, there are some things I couldn't shake if I wanted to. I am who I am. I decided to write down a few unique things that come out of my mouth. Don't blame me. It's just the N.O. in me.

° I don't say "pop" or "soda." I say "cold drink" because this is normal here.

° I say I'm "by" someone's house instead of "at."

° I "make groceries" instead of "buying food" or "food shopping."

° My favorite N.O. words have to be "baby," "beaucoup," and "

° Bounce & 2nd line music are embedded in my molecular makeup.

° I eat sno-balls, muffelettas, po-boys (dressed) & I know that I can't get them anywhere else.

° If you ask me, I'll tell you I'm from New Orleans or the N.O. or the 504. But, never N'Awlins. We don't say that.

° We have canals and neutral grounds and street cars.

I can't speak of other cities. But, I would not trade growing up here for anything. My childhood growing up in this city was magical in a sense. There is nothing better than that. I also hate that some associate the way Southerners speak with stupidity. I may talk slow but trust me I'm anything but. We have funny sayings that some call country. It's just our way of life. I'm from the Big Easy where we take things easy. No one is in a rush to live life here. Southerners are just a different breed of folks. Not better or worse, just different. I'm also fascinated with the way people from up North speak as well. They sound country to me. It's just personal perception. I have an accent...or so I've been told. I personally do not hear it. My vernacular may be a little funny. But, again, I'm just me. Just so New Orleans.

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