Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Music: Artists To Watch

In the last few weeks, I have been consistently listening to the following new artists. All of these ladies seem to have that "it" factor. I love that most of them are not only singers but songwriters as well. All of the following songs have been in constant rotation. I love that none of these ladies sound alike. Each has their own sound and direction. Music, especially R&B, has been missing something lately. I like that this music makes me feel the way R&B songs did in the 90's. Whenever I come across new artists that I dig, I love to share it with anyone I can. It makes me happy to introduce new artists to my people. So, here they go, get into them. You won't be disappointed. There is something here for everyone. Enjoy.

1) Mylah "Ever" This song is reminiscent of Prince and Vanity. It has that electric pop feel to it. It's just feel good music. I listen to it every morning. It puts me in a good mood. Her debut cd is forthcoming. It's tentatively being titled "Siren" which I think is a very hot title. Ever since she redid Kanye's "Say You Will" and Kelis' "Get Along With You," I've been a fan. She has been working towards this and I, for one, cannot wait to hear what she does. Her first single lets me know that her debut will not be cookie cutter R&B.

2) RaVaughn "Me and You (Love Thang)" She is Ne-yo's artist. That lets me know that her material will be awesome. I am always here for anything that Ne-yo has his hands in. This is off of her EP "Love Always...The Introduction." I happen to dig every song on it. But, there is just something about this track. The music, the lyrics and overall feel are all my type of music. RaVaughn is definitely one to watch.

3) Rita Ora "Been Lying" She is ROC Nation's latest overseas sensation. She is on the brink of US stardom as well. This song will be on her debut cd "Ora." I have love this song since the first time I heard it. I will say that her singles haven't been my faves but other dope tracks will be found on the cd.

4) Bridget Kelly "Special Delivery" Another ROC Nation signee that I love. BK has been on my radar since she was on tour with Jay-Z singing the AKeys part of "Empire State of Mind." She released a EP that I loved. This serves as her first single from her debut cd. I cannot wait to hear what else she has in store. Her voice does it for me.

5) Lianne La Havas "Empty" In the last few years, the influx of European singers have been great. Lianne is clearly one of the best. I had the hardest time picking just one song. I like everything on her debut cd "Is Your Love Big Enough?" Her voice is so smooth. I love it.

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