Monday, September 24, 2012

Fan or Stan? Which One Are You?

I would call myself an uber fan of a few folks. Someone, I won't call any names *cough* HIM *cough* called me a "stan" the other day. Who is a stan, sir? So, I sat with that and thought about it. I've concluded that there are two times of stans: the ones who absolutely love these artists/celebs and those who go overboard with the admiration. If I were to be completely honest, I would say that I fall into the first category. The following three people are my favorites. I am a fan of their work, their artistry, their politics, their intelligence and what they stand for. If that makes a stan, then I am one proudly. I like what/who I like. If you've been following this blog, it should not be a surprise who is on my list.

*Jay Z* He is by far my favorite rapper turned business man. In my eyes, the guy can do no wrong. I love his music because he is such a lyricist. I think he's super smart and very funny. He's a Sagittarius like myself so I get his humor. In concert, he put on a hell of a show. As a connoisseur of great music, I appreciate his attention to detail. He's very precise in the things that he does. I am clearly a fan.

*Beyonce'* Since the release of her first solo cd, I've been a fan. I love the tone of her voice. Her songs are either really light and fun (the club tracks) or deep love songs (that I love). Her music makes me happy. As a woman who loves a great concert, Beyonce' lives up to that and more. I've seen her a few times and I've never been disappointed. I will support her music because I like her. Case closed.

*President Barack Obama* Since first laying eyes on the President at the 2004 DNC, I was intrigued with him. I began to follow what he was doing. I've been impressed since then. Yes, I am more than ecstatic that he is the first Black President. But, I like him as a politician and as a person. He inspires me. His family inspires me. The Speech and Debate kid in me loves the orator in him. He was a man with a dream then. I believed him. He still has my vote.

So, there it is. That's my "stan" list. I cannot think of a better group of people to "stan" for. I know that none of them walk on water or are God. They are just humans. I am not delusional in any of this. I like what they do. I'm excited to see them give interviews or perform or whatever. They are my favorites. Do any of you guys stan for any artist? If so, who? Let's discuss.


  1. C'mon Kendra admit it, Jay Z is ugly right? Dude looks like a camel.

    1. Hi Reggie. It's r btw. And, no I do not think he is ugly. But, I'm also not a fan/stan because of his looks. I am a fan of his art.