Saturday, September 22, 2012

Outside (My) Movie Box: Part 9

It's that time again. My movie watching usually entails me watching movies years after others. As you guys know, I've been expanding my movie palette. Watching movies I normally would not has been the norm for a while now. This time is no different. This experience was cued by watching a new release earlier this year. "The Avengers" opened my eyes to a surprising fact. The comic book movies that I'd been avoiding could actually be great. While I loved everything about "The Avengers," there was one character that stood out to me. He was Tony Stark also known as Iron Man. I loved his narcissistic, sarcastic nature. He was hilarious in a way that I wasn't expecting. The sarcastic tone of his personality stood out to me because it is also one I possess. After watching it, I knew I had to see what Tony Stark was all about. So, I finally gave in and watched "Iron Man" this past week. My expectations were high but obtainable.

Both movies were awesome. I loved the background info of the first movie. It was my introduction to who Stark was. AS a character, he was amazing before he became Iron Man. Become Iron Man just made his character that much more lovable to me. I loved the action scenes and the plot of the second movie. It was exciting and entertaining. I'm also glad I watched IM2 because now I know where the Nick Fury and Black Widow characters came from. Also, I got to know a little bit about the S.H.I.E.L.D. group as well. Tony Stark is my hands down favorite still. I think I even like him more. There is an "Iron Man 3" in the works and I cannot wait. More Tony Stark? Yes, please. It also doesn't hurt that Robert Downey Jr. is sexy. I like eye candy as well. I was already looking forward to "The Avengers 2" but now I cannot wait to see what happens next. I know that I will def watch IM & IM2 again. I enjoyed both.


  1. I really enjoyed both movies, despite the lack of "eye candy" for me. I thought that the special effects were outstanding. I think that these comic book movies have gotten much better over the last twenty years or so because the people making the movies are taking them serious. Before we'd get some campy BS, but they're not making movies like that anymore.

    Did you see Watchmen? That was excellent.

    1. I haven't seen The Watchmen. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the suggestion.