Sunday, September 23, 2012

Get Into It: Relax & Sleep

There are times when I have the most difficult time falling asleep. I've been told it's because I'm always thinking so many things that my body & brain has a hard time relaxing. I'm not into sleep aids. I'm also weary of any medicine that could possibly become addictive. I like to be in control. So I avoid excessive medicine taking for that reason. I've found a few things that help me fall asleep. The latest help I've discovered is actual an android app.
It's called "Relax & Sleep." It's an app that has different calming sounds to help one fall asleep. The sounds range from rain to animals to city sounds. I am partial to the ocean - soft beach - summer rain mixture. The sound of water is beyond calming to me. You can also mark your favorite sounds & this moves them to the top of the list for accessibility. There are a bunch of water related sounds & I happen to like them all. This app also has a sleep timer on it. This is a plus for me because once I'm asleep, it will turn off on its own. I like that I can mix & match sounds to find the combination best for me. The volume is adjustable as well. It's a free app in the Google Play Store on Android phones. So, go ahead & get into it. I'm sure you'll sleep much better. Zzzzzz.


  1. I have a hard time sleeping too. I know it's due to stress, but knowing that just doesn't get me to sleep.

    Most nights I will wake up and stare at the ceiling for hours. I refuse to take medication to help me I will sit "counting sheep" and hoping for blessed sleep.

    1. My sleeping habits have been horrible since college. I hate it. Hope you've found some relieve soon.