Wednesday, January 25, 2012

State of the Union

A few hours ago, President Obama gave his sixth State of the Union address. It goes without saying that he is an excellent orator. He can definitely give a great speech. Tonight's speech was great for a plethora of other reasons. This speech called out the Republicans on all the things they haven't been doing, all the bills they have been vehemently opposing. He spoke on the issue of college tuition being too high, college loans percents doubling, and what he will do to correct it. One of the standout points in his speech was about the importance of teachers. President Obama spoke about teachers mattering and that those who weren't doing their job or just teaching to the test should not have a job. High notes were also about ending the war, still focusing on green energy, holding Congress accountable, and faxing companies for outsourcing jobs overseas.

I found it hilarious how tight John Boehner face was during the whole speech. His face was void of any emotion. He hardly ever clapped or stood up. I was totally shocked when he clapped about the tax issue. The speech was just over an hour long. President Obama held my attention the entire time. The real work starts now. I cannot wait to see what moves the Republicans will make in the upcoming months. The election, once the GOP nominates someone, will be long and tedious. I will be watching because I am oddly involved in this. If you didn't have a chance to catch the SOTU, you can watch it here. Trust me, it is worth watching. If you want to know where the President stands on the big issues, watch. If you are unsure of who to cast your vote for this November, watch. There is only one choice in November for me. I will be voting for President Barack Obama in 2012 just as I did in 2008.

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