Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Scenario: "Let's Stay Together" Ex-Factors

I am not a big fan of the BET show "Let's Stay Together." There is something about it that just doesn't come together for me. I like a few of the actors. but, for the most part, there is a lot of overacting and acting that leaves much to be desired in my opinion. After watching the premiere of "The Game," I never changed the channel. So I was sort of watching but not really. One thing that did catch my eye was a situation that I cannot condone. Tasha, a married mom of two, met her ex for drinks. This is the scenario which we will discuss.

Tasha never asked Jamal, her husband for his opinion. Not that she needed his permission, but that is a definite no-no in my book. She was flirting with her ex, on the phone with him giggling and just being straight out disrespectful to her marriage and her husband. The way this scene played out is beyond ridiculous to me. Her husband didn't object, didn't get mad, or raise his voice. Tasha saw nothing wrong with her actions at all. I literally stared at the tv in utter disbelief. This is just illogical. Any one in the situation would have had any reaction. Jamal was way too calm. Her ex, whose name's alludes me but he is played by Christian Keyes, was way too flirty in front of Jamal. I think that was totally out of line.

The reality is this, there is no way I would be that cool about it. It's not about jealousy or insecurity. It is about respect. I wouldn't be ok with my husband going out to have drinks with any ex of his. When you're always looking back, you cannot move forward. I know females really well. Some can be quite devious and malacious. The only person I wouldn't trust in the situation is his ex. The situation would be different if he and I were going out for drinks with her. I would be able to keep her in line. On the converse side of that, I wouldn't even dare fix my lips to ask my man if it would be ok for me to have drinks with my ex. Why would I even think that it would be ok? That is crazy. I don't feel the need to catch up with my past. I lived it, I own it, I'm over it. I wouldn't dare disrespect him like that.

Tasha also went to her ex's house after having a drink with him. What? That is the craziest part of the whole scenario. Who does that? I would be livid if my man did this. What do you mean you went to her house? That is asking for me to go off. There is nothing about this scenario that I condone. I would never do that. Nor would I allow something like this to happen to me. The scenario is just a recipe for disaster. It's unneccessary drama I believe. RElationships are hard work withouth the added drama. What would you do in this scenario? Was it wrong of Tasha to do these things? Was Jamal too passive? Was her ex wrong to even broach the topic with Tasha? Let's discuss.

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