Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ladies Love Lyrics: Carl Thomas "Don't Kiss Me"

Carl Thomas is back. The man who made me fall in love with his debut cd with such classics as "Summer Rain,"Emotional," "Lady Lay Your Body," and "I Wish I Never Met Her" has a new music out. His single is a hit. The song is "Don't Kiss Me" and I love everything about it. The title is totally misleading. One would think it wasn't a love song but that's the furthest thing from the truth. This is definitely a love song. And a pretty awesome one at that. Lyrically, I feel it. Musically, it feels like a throwback to the Motown era of soulful R&B. That's a definite win in my book. The song is so mellow that I was a fan on first listen. I couldn't find any real info on the release date for "Conquer" but I'm optimistic for Carl. For now, get into this song and these lyrics. I love!

"Don't Kiss Me"

Why is it take so long
Can't wait to have you, dear
Cause your love is so strong
I need you with me here
Because just a little love,
goes so long, yeah
It will have you smiling just because
Even when everything is wrong,
I got you standing right here,
I know it feels good

But don't kiss me, no, no, no,
don't you kiss me
Unless those lips that you kiss me with
Will say I love you, love you for life!
And don't touch me, no, no,
don't you touch me
(you betta not do it baby)
Unless you promise that those hands
Will never wave goodbye
Can you do that for me baby?

Promise me that tonight when
I hold you in my arms
Lord knows it feels so sincere
And your fragrance turns me on Can't believe that I am gone when you're near
because just a little love goes so long (yeah)
It'll have you smiling just because (smiling just because)
Even when everything's wrong, Now I got you standing right here I know it feels good!


Don't wrap your love, the arms around me,
Don't kiss my lips unless you love me, baby
Don't hold my hand unless I'm your man
I wanna hear it baby, can you?
(I know your ready)

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