Wednesday, January 04, 2012

"Love & Hip Hop's" Proposal

On this week's "Love & Hip Hop," there was the epitome of a hood proposal. This reality show is funny to me. My favorite people on it are Chrissy and Jim Jones. Since day one of the first season, Chrissy has been all about taking their 8 year relationship to the next level. Jimmy doesn't seem to keen on the idea. Chrissy decides to take a vacation because she's stressed about the relationship. What ensues is some straight hood classic moments. I cannot even wrap my mind around this. But, I feel the need to share.

This was classic Jim Jones. This proposal was all him. It played out exactly the way you would imagine a hood dude like Jimmy to do. There was no down on one knee or no formal "Will you marry me?" It came a full season and a half after Chrissy threw a huge party and proposed to him. He never actually said yes. He did take the ring. But by the time season two premiered, he conveniently "lost" his ring. Chrissy promptly replaced it. They've been a couple for 8 years now. I'm not doubting that he loves her. It's clear from the show that he does. He adores her. It just doesn't seem like marriage is on his mind. From episode one, Chrissy has been hounding him for a ring. And, on Monday nights show, she got exactly what she wanted. The scene reminded me of Martin and Gina's failed proposal attempt, which you can view below.

It is not my idea of an ideal proposal. It was lackluster and not my speed. But, I think it works for them. It made Chrissy happy. It doesn't seem like Jimmy is in any rush to take that walk down any aisle. Hell, it took him this long to propose. I wouldn't be surprised if it took that same amount of time for them to get married. The consensus on Twitter falls into two categories. Either people were extremely happy for the couple or they weren't impressed by the delivery. Either way, I like them as a couple.

I don't think that pressuring a man into proposing is a good thing. I don't want it that way. I think that marriage would be doomed from the start. No woman can make a man do anything and vice versa. A proposal should come from a man's heart. It should be because he knows he was found the woman that he wants to spend the rest of his life with. And, a proposal should be a surprise. I don't want it to seem like it's expected. Of course, I want to be married. But, I will not hound a man to wife me. That's unladylike to me. Love is always love. That we cannot deny. Below, is one of my favorite tv proposals. Martin got it just right...the second time around. I propose that men take note of this one.

Oh and fyi, Chrissy's ring is sick!! Jimmy did great in that department. She's rocking a nice rock on her left hand these days.


  1. I love chrissy as well but when Jim came with that lackluster proposal I rolled my eyes. He did it cause he knew she was unhappy, he did it because it bought him more time, he did it to ease her a little bit, he did it for all the wrong reasons. I'm sure he loves chrissy in his own way but at the end of the day is he ready to be a real grown up and be married no he isn't. Most men it seems in the black community have no idea what is to be married because most of the time they haven't seen it with their parents so they fail to see the importance of marriage. I think chrissy is in for more bitter disappointment she won a small victory but she is losing the war.

  2. I totally agree with you. Jimmy came at her on some "Here's ya ring, now quit ya complaining!" I def believe that this was a proposal made to save the relationship. That makes me sad because I like them as a couple. We'll have to wait and see but I think the ring quieta her for some time. And jimmy knows this.

  3. I agree with what both of you say. I am happy and hopeful for them however. I want them to work because it appears they have a really great partnership. I appreciate their loyalty to one another. Not going to lie, the whole time I was waiting for him to if not get down on one knee, sit down next to her, get eye level, or something! Maybe he was nervous? I don't know. But what I do know, is I hope they work out. I don't recommend them marrying until they are both ready though - be engaged for as long as you want but marry when you're both are ready <-- That's my opinion.

  4. BTW - You got me sitting here youtube-ing Brian McKnight songs! Dag I miss his music, totally forgot about him, his beautiful voice, and music!

  5. MC - I definitely think getting married right now doesn't seem like a good idea. Maybe he was nervous but I didn't expect Jimmy to get down on one knee. That's not even in his character.

    I used to be the biggest Brian Mcknight fan. His first 3 cds still get play. His voice makes me happy. So, you're more than welcome!! Enjoy!